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About The Band

Little Nikki's Radio is a high energy cover band known for their diverse range of music and electrifying live performances!  The New Jersey based five piece is comprised of well respected and seasoned professionals. Their dynamic front man and front woman are perfectly complimented by a rhythm section second to none.  Little Nikki's Radio has thrilled crowds at all types of events from weddings and corporate events to backyard barbecues.  Rock, Pop, Country, Hip-Hop, Dance, Classic Rock from the 70's to today.  LNR is constantly evolving by adding current  fist pumping hits while remaining true to those classic cover songs that made them one of the top bands around.   A unique mix of songs sets them apart from an industry teaming with the follow-the-latest-trend bands.  Every time Little Nikki's Radio takes the stage, audiences will go on a wild ride they won't want to get off.  They will be left screaming for "one more song!!"  

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